Welcome to Mashine Music, the home for the music and work of David Mash— guitarist, composer, synthesis, educator, author, and futurist. After 44 years of association with Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts – in a variety of roles, the last of which was as Senior Vice President for Innovation, Strategy, and Technology, I have decided to return full-time to making music and working with the music technology industry to invent new musical tools.

I have been using the word play on my name (Mash) + the “ine” suffix (Mashine) as my publishing company, band name, and corporate identity since the early 1980s. Check out samples of my new work, a collection of existing releases,  and check out the Ictus Archive, Ictus was the band in which I experimented with combining machines with humans that led to what is today Mashine Music. I’ll also be blogging about work with which I’m involved and the music technology world at large. Thanks for visiting!

I also make music under the artist persona/brand: Stefan, which I use to release new meditative music. Check out his music on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you get your digital music.

Also I have recently been featured on Korg’s website for my work with them on the re-releases of the classic Korg Arp 2600FS and the new 2600 Module. Check here soon for video lessons on the more esoteric features of these instruments!

Breaking News: New Mashine Music Release: RADIOACTIVE

The new Mashine Music release “Radioactive” is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and wherever you find digital music.

Read more about the album, see liner notes, videos, and more!

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I recently did a Livestream on Facebook for the Alan R. Pearlman (ARP) Foundation, with live performance, a tour of my studio, and an interview with Dina Pearlman. You can watch the replay here:

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Mashine Music is now available on Amazon Music, iTunes and Apple Music, Spotify, BandCamp, and Artistco, as well as on most popular digital distribution channels. Check it out today!