Seasons is an electronic jazz fusion album by Mashine Music downloadable in AAC 360 files in a zip file format.

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Seasons was the first new music I released after my retirement from Berklee College of Music, where I had been a student, teacher, founding chair of what is now the Electronic Production and Design major, and lastly Senior Vice President for Innovation, Strategy, and Technology. Some of the work on this album is brand new since retiring in May 2017, others were recorded over the past few years in my spare time, but it wasn’t until I retired that I was able to devote the time to complete the recordings and mixes.

Special thanks to Peter Bell, my co-producer and engineer and long-time friend and partner in musical crime. A big thank you to Wendy Young for the great artwork for this album project. The cover is a section taken from a larger work entitled “Listen 2 ,” painted in 2017. Also special thanks to Bruce Nifong for his beautiful alto tracks on Autumnal Equinox and Summer Days. Bruce and I go way back to our days together in Ictus in the late 1970s to early 1980s, and share so many years of friendship. Lastly, I couldn’t have done this project without my buddy Greg Badolato, with whom I’ve been making music since 1983. His beautiful playing graces WinterStill, Spring Forth, The Start of Something New, and Blues in Navy Green. I’m blessed to have such great friends and collaborators.

I performed all the instrumental parts except for the saxophone parts, using guitar and keyboard MIDI control over hardware and software synthesizers and used software based digital signal processors on my guitar sound.

This album is dedicated to my family; my wife Erica Mash, daughters Reesa Morabito (and husband Mark and daughter Lucy) and Sasha Frinzl (and her husband Joe and son Avery), who inspired many of these tunes!


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