Psalms for the Inuk

Psalms for the Inuk


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The music on this album was inspired by the wonderful instrument called Inuk from the Godin Guitar Company. My good friend Robert Godin designed this instrument based on his Multioud project, but adapted for guitar players using steel strings and including frets. It has 11 strings, a single bass string, then 5 dual chorused strings. The instrument may be tuned like the oud, or like the guitar. I tune it like a guitar, and detune the bass string based on the key.

The seven songs on this album evolved from improvisations that sought to explore this instrument’s unusual and distinctive sounds. I plugged the output of the Inuk directly into my audio interface, and recorded the sound as is, complete with all its distinctive character, including sounds made from scraping the pick against the strings, fingers rubbing the strings, tapping the body, etc. I used both plectrum and fingerpicking styles, again to find as many different sounds from the instrument as possible.

I dedicate this album and the music to my dear friend Robert, because without his instrument, this album would never have been possible.


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