New Music Posts!

We’re working on a new release called “Mashinations!” We hope to release it in Summer 2020, depending on the pandemic and its impact on our mixing and mastering schedule. But here are a couple teaser tracks, not yet mixed or mastered, works in progress, available to you only here!

This just out: “Inner Spaces” a new cinematic electronifunky fusion piece inspired by a guitar/synth sound I built in Fishman TriplePlay using Guitar Rig and the Arturia CS80v-3. That inspired the further development using Omnisphere, Trillian, Kontakt, and Hive synthesizers, with rhythm tracks built using Stylus RMX and Drumcore 4. I’m playing all the parts using my custom-built Godin Montreal Premier TriplePlay guitar and Komplete Kontrol keyboard. Peter Bell co-produced and engineered the final mix. Enjoy!

“Inner Spaces” ©2017 by David S. Mash

Another new tune, “Liquid Film” – I’ve been in a bit of a cinematic mood of late. This one features NI Komplete 11 Instruments and Omnisphere synths, as well as my La Patrie Arena guitar (by Godin), and DrumCore 4! Float away, and post your thoughts about what the film is about!

“Liquid Film” © 2017 by David S. Mash.

New tune hot off the press: “Winterstill” featuring Greg Badolato on Saxophone. I play all the other instrumental parts, and Peter Bell is my co-engineer/producer. I began this song while still in my job as senior vice president for innovation, strategy, and technology at Berklee College of Music, but couldn’t devote the time to finishing it until now that I’m retired.  Enjoy!

“Winterstill” © 2017 by David S. Mash

Here’s the first new piece I have created post-retirement! As I twisted through the first weeks of not going in to Berklee, this piece tells you “What My Head Sounds Like.” Seriously, that is both the name of this tune, and a glimpse into my brain. 😉


“What My Head Sounds Like” © 2017 by David S. Mash,

Thanks to Peter Bell, for co-producing and engineering. I play all the tracks