Mashine Music “Chapters” album in AAC 360 as a zipped download file

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A fusion of electronic and acoustic musical sounds with elements of jazz, rock, and world genres, this music features great instrumental work, innovative electronic sounds, high production values, and captivating compositions by David Mash. Chapters represents several chapters in David’s life, including his very first original composition, written in 1973 called MCR (Motor City Roots), several pieces from the Ictus chapter (1976-1982), a few tunes written for the live Mashine Music band in 1983 (freshly recorded here in the studio for the first time), and some brand new pieces written in 2017 and 2018!

Featuring David Mash on guitar and synthesizers, Greg Badolato on Soprano and Tenor Saxophones, Bruce Nifong on Soprano and Alto Saxophones, and Jeff Stout on Trumpet, this album was co-produced and engineered by David Mash and Peter Bell. The album artwork is a detail of the painting “Shapes” by Wendy Young.

Special thanks to Peter Bell for his friendship and musical collaboration, and for pushing me to get it right and make it better; Audrey Harrer for her artistic collaboration and creating the three music videos for this album, Mashine Music, Cyborg, and Liquid Film; Matt McArthur and the staff at The Record Company; Isak Kotecki for his help with the camerawork, and Wendy Young for her incredible paintings and friendship!


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